Hyflux conducts inaugural membrane technology workshop for business partners

20th April 2016 | General


Hyflux conducted its inaugural Membrane Technology Workshop from the 13th to 15th April 2016 for its business partners. Participants from various parts of the world such as Italy, Dubai and South Africa were invited to attend a 3-day workshop held at the Hyflux Innovation Centre in Singapore.



The workshop conducted by a team of membrane specialists focused on the Kristal®, FerroCep® and PoroCep® membranes. Hyflux also unveiled its new standard system offering which was presented by Mr Martin Evert Jensen. A specific segment was carved out for waste water treatment for Mr Rodrigo Haro, who highlighted the complexity involved in the industry, especially in the industrial wastewater treatment market.



Business partners and participants also highlighted some of the challenges posed by unique local water conditions, resulting in an engaging discussion.. All the dialogues were moderated by Hyflux’s chief scientist for research and development, Dr Li Dong Fei.

After two days of training the Hyflux Innovation Centre, participants proceeded to a guided tour of both Singspring and Tuaspring desalination plants. Singspring was Hyflux’s first desalination project and Singapore’s first PPP project. Tuaspring is Asia’s first Integrated Water and Power Plant (IWPP), housing one of the largest UF membrane installations in the world and a combined cycle gas turbine power plant.

Participants touring the Tuaspring desalination plant


Hyflux’s bi-annual training augments efforts in expanding its membrane business by building up the technological expertise of its business partners, while awaiting the completion of a larger manufacturing hub in 2016.