Ultrapure Water Systems

  1. Overview
  2. Advantages
  3. Applications

The Highest Quality for the Strictest Requirements

Ultrapure water production requires precision instruments to run in highly sophisticated systems to ensure that the demanding operations it supports run smoothly. Applications such as power production, semiconductor manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries require ultrapure water for their systems to operate smoothly.

When combined with our strong expertise in system design and Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI) technology, Hyflux's flagship Kristal® ultrafiltration (UF) membrane provides permeate water quality that meets the highest standards for various industries.

Key Benefits

  • Modularised and expandable concept
  • Compact design with small footprint
  • High quality components
  • High efficiency, optimised operations
  • Minimum chemical consumption
  • Reliable long-term performance
  • Consistent high quality permeate

Case Study

Ultrapure Water Systems for Manufacturing Solar Cells

Ultrapure Water Systems for Manufacturing Solar Cells

Regular surface water consists of a wide range of contaminants including bacterial proliferation, particulates, organic contaminants, metallic contaminants and anionic contaminants. Such contaminated water is deemed unsuitable for the manufacturing...

Product Brochure

Reliable High Quality Pure Water

Kristal® UF membrane is the superior pre-treatment method for reverse osmosis systems. The consistent, high quality permeate it produces is ideal for the CEDI unit as it removes 99.9% of remaining ions, allowing the final output to maintain a continuous resistivity of more than 18.2 mΩ (at 25oC)

Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective Solution

The CEDI unit uses electricity for the deionisation process, compared to conventional chemical resin usage in ultrapure water production. The overall reduction of chemical effluent results in an environmentally friendly, cost effective solution. Furthermore, the wastewater stream from CEDI can be reused for reverse osmosis feed water, increasing its effectiveness.

Modular and Expandable Systems

Hyflux deploys the 2 x 50% concept, which enables operations to produce a consistent supply of water even when one train is down for maintenance. The output capacity of 4m3/h per train is expandable by adding more trains to the system’s modular design.

Water Deionisation/Demineralisation

  • Removal of free floating ions to produce high purity boiler feed water for power generation
  • Removal of minerals in the water during chemical processes to prevent minerals from interfering with other chemicals

Ultrapure Water(UPW) Production

  • Water treatment to its highest stages of purity for wafer rinsing or dilution of chemicals by removing all types of contaminants
  • Removal of harmful microbes and inorganic matter to produce feed water suitable for pharmaceutical processing, especially for Water for Injection (WFI) purposes